Where a millisecond can mean everything....

Trust the Destiny Light

Destiny Light - Side View - Brown with Blue Accents - No Billets - 1800px

Revolutionary saddle technology combined with over 30 years of industry experience, and the global authority in saddle fitting ,brings to the racing world
the Destiny Light exercise saddle. Through tireless research and field testing, the Destiny Light is the only saddle that provides
unparalleled support, freedom and protection for the elite equine athlete.

Watch the Interview with Renowned Racing Journalist Robyn Louw

We are excited to introduce Destiny Light; a new concept exercise saddle,
specifically designed to benefit the racehorse industry.

Master Saddler and Saddle Ergonomist, Jochen Schleese, made use of leading scientific innovation in order to create a specialty saddle which maximizes conditioning and performance capacity on the racetrack.

A horse can only ever perform optimally when it is not compromised by poor saddle fit!



Respects the anatomy of the horse and allows true freedom of movement.

Rider Support

Evenly distributes rider weight and protects the horse from injury.


Adjusts to the constantly changing physique of the equine athlete.


Allows peak performance through functional design based on science.