Horse racing is one of the oldest recorded sports. It has progressed from relatively simple contests of speed and stamina to the global multi-billion-dollar organized industry it is today. Even though traditions and the format of racing have evolved (and differ from country to country) – the basic premise has always been – and always will be – the same; the fastest horse over a set course or distance is the winner. This is what we pour money into. Thousands of jobs are created in pursuit of this goal.

The 21st century has consistently propelled racing FORWARD on the cusp of many a scientific and technological breakthrough. A distinctive blend of tradition and innovation makes racing unique and interesting. The flip side is that the 21st century has also brought with it challenges which threaten racing’s very existence. For starters, racing lost its betting monopoly, which meant loss of revenue and a significant drop in participants and spectators. It also suffers from a less than favorable public perception, largely driven by social media. Yet the industry continues to grow in all the right directions. It continuously and actively revisits outlooks on horse-care, safety precautions and adequate re-homing for retired Thoroughbreds. What is needed today is for racing to pro-actively forge ahead of criticism and to fully embrace the latest scientific studies and other developments directed at making our equines flourish and excel during, as well as after, their racing careers. Racing needs to lead the way in this regard wherever possible.

The Destiny Light exercise saddle touches on many considerations relating to our current equine climate. Its design and vision actively improve on aspects of horse care and welfare, as well as the safety of both horse and rider.

Most importantly Destiny Light consults the horse; its anatomy, its ever-changing conformation and its optimal health and comfort during movement. It embraces the responsibility of placing something man-made onto live body tissue; sinew, muscle and bone and fulfills its role as protective interface between rider and animal. It was created to enhance the experience of the horse as an athlete. The Destiny Light exercise saddle significantly improves performance ability. It promotes soundness and therefore longevity. Whilst the new scientific design and improved function may challenge tradition, it actively strives to safeguard our horses and therefore the racehorse industry.

Destiny Light is designed for the love of the sport and the love of the horse.