Where a millisecond can mean everything....

Trust the Destiny Light

Revolutionary saddle technology combined with over 30 years of industry experience and the global authority in saddle fitting brings to the racing world the DESTINY LIGHT exercise saddle. Through tireless research and field testing, the Destiny Light is the only saddle that provides unparalleled support, freedom and protection for the elite equine athlete. 

In a world of gimmicks and quick fixes, the Destiny Light stands out above all as the ONLY way to truly unlock the potential of your horse. Unencumbered by faulty design, inadequate build and sub-par structure, horses who are trained in the Destiny Light are capable of running at greater speeds without the physical exertion and damage as when they are ridden in a standard saddle. 

Lower heart beats per minute, higher stride count, longer strides, physical soundness, less prone to injury and catastrophic accidents. THIS is the future of racing, this is your Destiny.